S Y L F A A E   (pronounced "sil-fay") is a one-woman jewellery business from Melbourne (Narrm) created by Sophie, who handcrafts uniquely textural pieces thoughtfully and sustainably with recycled silver.

S Y L F A A E 's jewellery style is inspired by the intricate textures and organic forms found within nature, the spirituality and mystery of magic, and the unique beauty of the imperfect. These three elements are considerately balanced to develop a collection of wearable charms to accompany you in all walks of life.  Furthermore, each piece is made with the idea that the wearer infuses their own stories and journeys within it over time, creating a piece of jewellery truly unique and special to themselves.

Sustainability is a strong factor in S Y L F A A E ’s ethos, ensuring the use of recycled and eco-friendly materials, and minimising waste wherever possible. As part of this, each piece of jewellery is either made in small batches that are "Ready To Ship", or "Made To Order" over a couple of weeks especially for you. 

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S Y L F A A E was born through finding a love of jewellery making when I was studying fine art at university, and exploring a variety of different modes of making. After completing some short courses in jewellery, I knew that this was a journey and career that I wanted to pursue, as I could channel my creative flair whilst still incorporating sustainable practices. Whilst life slowed the development of my practice for a while, the lockdowns due to the Covid pandemic gave me the window of opportunity to focus on seriously building my own business, and get to where I am today.

I personally handcraft each piece, as well as make the packaging, take product photos, and manage everything else behind the scenes. All of your pieces are thoughtfully handcrafted in my little home studio in Melbourne, on Boon Wurrung land. 

Thankyou for all your support and kindness, I wouldn't be able to do this without you!

Sophie xoxoxo

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